Ruta del Cister (Costa Daurada)

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Along the Cistercian Route travellers can enjoy the charm of the Cistercian monasteries that link the three counties of La Conca de Barberà, Alt Camp and Urgell.

In the 12th century the Cistercian order entered Europe, bringing their architecture and religion to the West. There are samples in the counties of La Conca de Barberà, Alt Camp and Urgell. Along this Cistercian Route you can visit the museums, churches, monasteries, castles, chapels and shrines scattered all over the zone. Two of the outstanding monasteries, Poblet, which has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO, and Santes Creus, make a visit easy with models and guides in braille which go to show, once again, that the cultural heritage can be accessible to everyone.

Along this Cistercian Route you can play sports or walk in the incredible natural settings. The area is also rich in local produce: cavas (sparkling wine), calçots (spring onions) and coques de recapte (savoury pastries), which are the visitors’ delight.

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